Pictures with Barbie

Last Saturday we took the to girls to a few toy stores to get some ideas for their
Guess who we ran into at Wal-Mart??


Gobble, Gobble

Morgan's teacher gave them her an assignment for the weekend. She gave them a outline of a turkey body on card stock with the instructions to decorate it with their families using anything they want to make their turkey come to life.
This is what we did...
We added colored felt for the body, feathers, beek, and feet. We also circled yard to make a wing, then we added colored beads. A wiggly eye....and lined it with gold glitter glue.

Here is her finished TURKEY!!!

This next picture is McKenzie's Turkey....

McKenzie was cleaning up all the we thought...

The next thing we knew she had herself a turkey of her own. She drew a turkey body on a peice of paper, then used all the scraps to make her turkey body. She added beads, a beek, and a wiggly eye.

Great Job Girls!

HaLLoWeeN 2008


The kids all got to dress up in their costumes for school today.
I took this picture right before they left for school.

What a Line-Up....

Collin, Kendon, Tanner, Morgan, McKenzie & Ashton

The day was spent having class parties, decorating pumpkin sugar cookies

and ohhh Yeah... School Work!!!!!

They also had a Costume Parade....

Cowgirl Morgan

The Good Witch, McKenzie

All Dress-Up!!!!


TrIcK-oR-tReAt TiMe

1st Grade Fieldtrip to Schnepf Farms

McKenzie's Class went of a Fieldtrip to Schnepf Farms on October 23rd. I was able to go with her. We had a great time with all of McKenzie's friends and their moms. Here are some pictures from the day. All of the kids went home with a pumpkin at the end of the day.

McKenzie's the green Monster

I found "THE ONE" I want

They have mini rides for the kids, The Swings!

Yes, that's McKenzie on the Roller Coaster. She loved it so much she rode it twice!
Once with Faith....

Once with Anny! Hands UP and Everthing!

McKenzie on the Train Ride that takes you all around the Farm.

On the BEE Ride

On the Merry-Go-Round

McKenzie and Anny
We had an AWESOME Day!!!

Princess Morgan

Morgan loves to do her own hair and make-up (when I will let her, because she makes such a mess) After one of her glamour make-over's she asked me if she could have a photo shoot...

Who would turn down a chance to photograph Princess Morgan... NOT ME!!!!

Library Day

This happened at the first of October, but it is too funny not to share.

McKenzie came home from school, excited about picking out 2 new Clifford books from the Library. She asked me to read the books to her. As I opened up the cover, this is what I saw....

I could not stop laughing....
From now on McKenzie asks the ladies in the Library if her books are written in English or Spanish.