Caught in the Act

My Mom got up to get a drink in the middle of the night...
When what to her Wondering Eyes...
She saw St. Nick
He told her to SHHHHHH...and to go back to Bed... BUT.......she had to take another Look...
Again my mom was told to "GO BACK TO BED"!!!!!

She was so excited due to what she had just saw...

She took one last look...She saw Santa leaving at the front door!!!!

Getting Ready for Santa

We had alot of goodies for Santa to Choose from.....

Making Hot Chocolate for Santa

Leaving out food for the Reindeer, too!!

Christmas Eve

Getting Ready for the Short Family Christmas Party....
These pictures were taken at our house before we left for the party.

We went to Jeff and Susan's house for a Christmas Eve Party.
We had a a great time. At the end of the night Grandma and Grandpa had gifts for all the grandkids...Guess what they got????
This next picture is of all the Grandkids and Grandma Falconer
Top: Porter, Grandma Falconer, Ryan
McKenzie then Morgan
Caleb, Cody who is holding Noah, Meagan
Brad is holding little Sydney
Front: Brooklynn

Santa...Can I PLEASE have.....

On Monday Night we took the girls to visit with SANTA...

Morgan asked for a HORSE!!!

McKenzie asked for a Gumball Machine and a Baby Alive goes Bye Bye Doll

Gingerbread (Graham Cracker) Houses

Here are the Gingerbread houses the kids made at School.

Morgan Lost Another Tooth

Morgan lost her 3rd tooth on December 18th!!!

Snow in Queen Creek???

Snow from Grandma Norm....
When we were in Las Vegas at Cowboy Christmas my mom (aka GRANDMA NORM) found a booth that was selling SNOW. She thought it would be a great present for her Arizona Grandkids who seldom get the chance to play in the real stuff. The kids are having such a great time "playing in the snow".
Thanks Grandma Norm !!!!

Morgan Riding a 2-Wheeler

Here is a video clip of Morgan riding without training wheels for the first time.
She didn't dare try it until now. She loves the freedom from training wheels...
Now if we could just get McKenzie to try it... Good Luck to Us !!!

Christmas at Our House

I am very, very behind on our posts...Tonight is catch-up time...
At least until I am too tired and need to go to bed!!!

Our Home

Below are the kids placing their ornaments that we gave them this year.

Morgan ( Horse Ornament)
McKenzie (Princess Ornament)

Our Finished Christmas Tree

Pictures with Barbie

Last Saturday we took the to girls to a few toy stores to get some ideas for their
Guess who we ran into at Wal-Mart??


Gobble, Gobble

Morgan's teacher gave them her an assignment for the weekend. She gave them a outline of a turkey body on card stock with the instructions to decorate it with their families using anything they want to make their turkey come to life.
This is what we did...
We added colored felt for the body, feathers, beek, and feet. We also circled yard to make a wing, then we added colored beads. A wiggly eye....and lined it with gold glitter glue.

Here is her finished TURKEY!!!

This next picture is McKenzie's Turkey....

McKenzie was cleaning up all the we thought...

The next thing we knew she had herself a turkey of her own. She drew a turkey body on a peice of paper, then used all the scraps to make her turkey body. She added beads, a beek, and a wiggly eye.

Great Job Girls!

HaLLoWeeN 2008


The kids all got to dress up in their costumes for school today.
I took this picture right before they left for school.

What a Line-Up....

Collin, Kendon, Tanner, Morgan, McKenzie & Ashton

The day was spent having class parties, decorating pumpkin sugar cookies

and ohhh Yeah... School Work!!!!!

They also had a Costume Parade....

Cowgirl Morgan

The Good Witch, McKenzie

All Dress-Up!!!!


TrIcK-oR-tReAt TiMe